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The “Virtual Office in Delhi” instantly provides Rent Agreement, NOC, Electricity Bill, Signage, Mail Receiving/ Forwarding, and Separate Suite No. for every Company. Our Virtual Office Packages will provide your company with a professional business presence without the costs associated with a full-time physical office. 

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Virtual office in delhi
“Virtual office in Delhi”
Table Spaces and Cabin
“Table Spaces of Virtual Office”

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We are running our business of “Virtual Office in Delhi” since 2017 near Aashirwad Chowk, it is approximately 2 km from Dwarka Sector-12 Metro Station.


Virtual Office

A virtual office is part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with any combination of services, space, and/or technology, without those businesses bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.

We provide the address to you for your business with the best facilities. 

OFFICE TIMING: Open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Closed on Saturdays, Sundays & National Holidays

First Step – Choose the Plan

You may choose any plan that suits your pocket from the following plans below:-



For further information regarding rates of above plans you can Contact Us.

Second Step – Pay for the Plan

(A) You may remit the Advance Payment amount of chosen plan of Virtual Office in our bank account and send proof to For bank details Contact Us.

 (B) You may remit an amount of Rs.300/- to enable us to procure a rubber stamp of the authorized signatory. It is better to include this amount in the Virtual Office scheme chosen by you. To know the importance of a Rubber Stamp you may click here to read.

Third Step – Send Application Form

(A) You may click here to download the prescribed Application Form, fill up or print, affix the photo of the signatory and affix rubber stamp of your company or firm, and clearly indicate whether the signatory is Proprietor/ Partner/ Director, etc. Kindly be careful to fill up the application form, because we will charge Rs.1000/- for each change later on.  You are required to send a scanned copy of the Application Form (.pdf) by e-mail.

(B) You must send the hard copy of the filled-in and signed Application Form to us, after your signature & stamp of the signatory, by speed post or courier or personally as soon as possible. Strike the applicable status of Proprietor or Partner or Director clearly.

Fourth Step – Send your documents & Photo

Send the following in .pdf format to our email:

  1. The Registration Certificate of your firm of Govt authority like Registrar of Firms, MSME Or ROC Or name availability certificate from ROC and separately scanned PAN of your Company. (any of these if you have)
  2. The proof of residence (like Aadhar, Driving License, Passport) of all the Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor. (separate scanned both side copy for each one)
  3. The PAN of all the Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor. (separate scanned copy for each one)
  4. Photo of all the Directors/ Partners/ Proprietor. (separate scanned copy for each one)
  5. The PAN, registration certificate or certificate of incorporation, if your firm/ company if, it is already registered.

The Virtual Office will provide you 

(1) Rent Agreement for the Scheme chosen by you mentioning payment of rent of entire period & no security amount.

(2) A NOC (No Objection Certificate) for Virtual Office and it all facilities.

(3) Copy of latest month’s Electricity Bill

(4) Your name of the company, name of Signatory, rent agreement from to till date; shall be placed on the door of the office on a paper and also kept inside the office.

(5) We will start using your rubber Stamp to receive your mails from an authorized signatory.

Please note that we will send you the Rent agreement and NOC digitally signed by the owner of the premises with the latest Electricity Bill of the premises in .pdf.

Tenant is required

On receipt of the above documents, you (the tenant) are required to sign the Rent Agreement & get two witnesses to sign your Rent Agreement and send its scanned copy in .pdf to us for our records. It is the responsibility of the Tenant that a scanned copy of all the documents must be kept with us before use by you or before you deposit any paper with any department of Govt or a Bank.

Please note Hereafter, you & we will also use the email and mobile number mentioned on the Application Form, for all communications with us.

Office Space Agreement 

(1) Rent Agreement for space for 11 months mentioning security equivalent of rent of one month paid and rent for first one month paid. (2) You need to pay for the rent of space for 1st month and Security of one month rent. (3) You need to pay for the name tally of your company (2″ x 10″ size)- Rs.1,000/-; which shall be affixed at the door of the office and inside the office at your Table Space for the period you have paid for space. (4) You need to pay Rs.200 for procuring Stamp Paper of Rs.100 for the Rent Agreement of space (5) You also need to pay Rs.100 for procuring Stamp Paper of Rs.50/- for No Objection Certificate. The owner of the premises will also provide you (6) A copy of the Property Tax receipt of premises (7) A copy of the PAN of the owner. (8) Any other document [This scheme is taken by those who wish to register their company with ROC/GST].

Choice of Tenant

It is the choice of the Tenant to take only Virtual Office or also take Office Space agreement also. 

You may click here to know the requirement of choosing a suitable Stamp Paper.   

The hard copy of the Application Form

We will deliver a hard copy of the rent agreement and NOC along with stamp papers to you on receipt of a hard copy of your Application Form only.



(1) Change in the name of firm or company or its Prop/Partner/ Director

In case of such a change, the Tenant is required to pay Rs.3,300/- (inclusive of rubber stamp charges of Rs.300/-) to us and send the request along with all documents, which are mentioned on the website. Then we shall send you another rent agreement, NOC, and Electricity Bill mentioning the change of name in it. The Suite number of both the companies will remain the same. We will record and change the particulars in all the records. We will continue rendering our virtual office services for both the firms/companies for the rest of the period of the present rent agreement.

(2) Signage of your Registered Office

The “Virtual Office in Delhi” will place your company signage by including your company particulars in the list of Registered Offices on the entrance door of the shop. The signage includes the Suite Number, the Name of the Company, the Name of the Director, the date of start of the Rent Agreement, and the date on which the agreements will expire. The photograph of “Signage” of all the companies shall be pasted at the entrance door. 

In case you need to place bigger signage of your company at the door of the office for any period, you will need to have a Table Space for that period. 

(3) Mail receiving and forwarding

The “Virtual Office in Delhi” will start receiving courier/speed posts and notices on behalf of your Company by affixing the rubber stamp of your company along with the signature of “Authorized Representative”.  We will mark Suite No. and the date of receipt on your letter and send its image to you by email. (i) You may collect your mail from Virtual Office during office hours. OR (ii) The Virtual Office will re-post your mail to your address at Cost + Service Charges. OR (iii) The Virtual Office will open your mail and send the scanned copy to you at Cost + Service Charges. The Service Charges are Rs.200/- per letter.

(4) Give hourly sitting of Tablespace and Cabin

The “Virtual Office in Delhi” will start giving you hourly sitting space. We provide you 1 Table, 1 Chair, 1 broadband internet connection, 1 charging point for your laptop, and 1 charging point for your mobile. You will be able to comfortably work on your files and on your laptop. The standard price per 1 table space will be based on our current rate. If you need to hold a meeting you will need to book 2 tables. If you wish to conduct a conference for an hour or a full day, the charges shall be different per hour. Our total space is of 6 tables/persons only. Beyond the working hours/days the rate shall be double. View of  Table Spaces is as below:-

Table Spaces and Cabin
“Table Spaces and Cabin”

(5) Give monthly sitting space

We provide one Table Space for every company. In case you wish to keep your Desktop Computer or a Printer. The rate of 1 Table Space shall be a little more. The company has monthly Table Space is allowed to affix one Name tally 10″ x 2″ size at the Table & Door of the office. Logo etc. to be within the size only.

(6) Opening Current Bank Account

The “Virtual Office in Delhi” will also help you in opening a current bank account for your company at our premises. We give this permission in the NOC (no objection certificate) as a special benefit to our Virtual Office clients by specially mentioning that we have no objection to opening your bank account for the company. Click Here

(7) What happens at the end of the rent agreement period

(a) The Virtual Office will send you an invoice for the next period. (b) The tenant needs to pay the amount. (c) The Virtual Office will send you the Rent Agreement for the next period by email. (d) The tenant is to send back the Rent Agreement after their signature for our records.

(8) What will happen if you do not pay for the next period

(i) The Virtual Office in Delhi will remove your Signage from the front door of the Office. (ii) We will stop receiving your mail and notices. (iii) We will stop providing you Tablespace. (iv) Your all the material lying with us shall be destroyed. (v) Your company name shall be transferred to the list of past clients.

(9) Why present rent agreement cannot be renewed

Renewing the present rent agreement is NOT in the interest of the tenant. We keep the rent agreement for a period of 364 days. This stamp paper used by the Rent Agreement is for less than 1 year and not required to be registered as per law.

Section 17(1)(d) of the Registration Act, 1908, says that “lease of immovable property from year to year or for any term exceeding one year or reserving a yearly rent” are required to be registered.

(10) Maintenance of Registered Office of a Company

All companies have to maintain their registered office on commercial premises. This requirement has to be fulfilled till their company is dissolved. To know more legal details about it you may Click Here.

(11) Taking photographs of Director at Registered Office

The “Virtual Office in Delhi” will help you get photographs of the Director inside/outside the office. We will also help you to file INC-22A “i.e. Active and Compliant Company” return with the Registrar of Companies. We charge Rs.200/- per hour per company to book the time in advance for the display of the name of Company, taking Google position of the Registered Office & Clicking of photographs. You need to bring your display or tell us to provide it on simple Legal size paper. (free of cost)

(12) Frequently Asked Questions

The “Virtual Office in Delhi” has tried to answer every question on this website. We assure you to a proper legal reply and reward you if your question is very useful to the Virtual Office industry. We prefer e-mails only. You may Click Here to read frequently asked questions.

(13) Our specialty is to provide

We are pleased to provide you the best Virtual Office, the affordable Virtual Office, the instant Virtual Office, the skydesk, the virtual address, the virtual Office, the virtual Office address, the virtual office for e-commerce, the virtual office for GST, the virtual office in Delhi, the virtual Office on-line, the virtual Office-India. In nutshell, you name it and we provide it.


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  1. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I was searching for a Virtual Office providing me
    Business Name Plate
    Business Couriers Receiving
    Telephone Service
    Reception Phone Number
    A Receptionist to answer your Calls
    Meeting Room Usage every month 3-5 Days
    Prestige Address to register business.
    Business Support
    Access to Meeting Room / Conference Room
    Access to Reception
    Business registration Facility
    Guest Addressing & Bank Verification and Refreshments on Visit
    with facilities of internet .

    Thank you, Sir

    1. Hello Mr. Raikhan, We provide Virtual Office services in Delhi within 1 day itself. You can certainly register a company at our address of Virtual Office. We provide company registration services also. You may see the registration services. We are also sending a detailed reply by email to you.

  2. Hi,

    I wish to take virtual office in Delhi for Company Registration, however not required for GST Registration. Kindly confirm best charges.

    1. Dear Sanket Garg Ji, The best rate for Virtual Office is provided by us with no GST charged. We are sending you all other information by E-Mail also.


  3. Jasmeet Singh Ahluwalia

    It has been a very comfortable and convincing to deal with Mr. Sahota’ Virtual Office at Dwarka. I found it the most reliable and cheapest promising only that what they really do. They do not delay in execution of registration with GST and Company Registration at fixed rates.

  4. I am very pleased to take another rent agreement from this Virtual Office for another one (1) year. Thank you very much for your superb services.

  5. Thank you very much for providing Virtual Office in Delhi at Dwarka, a year back. I am taking the same services for another year and writing this review. It is a very convenient place for me because it is near to the IGIA and Metro Station of Sector-12 at Dwarka.

  6. I am from Germany. I came to know that you are helping to incorporate a company and also give virtual office in just Rs.11,000/- p.a. We need one Director from India to let us do business with India in importing embroidery items. I am coming to Delhi next month and would like to meet you personally. Our chosen Director will be getting in touch with you shortly. Thanking you.

  7. Hello all. I was searching for a Virtual Office providing me one tablespace with facilities of internet and weekly meetings in the evening. It has been almost one year now and I am very satisfied with the services and the lowest cost in Delhi charged by this Virtual Office. Thank you, Sir and I hope to get such services in the future also.

  8. I was searching on Google and Facebook for a low-cost Virtual Office in Delhi for my business in Delhi to conduct my business through my website. Now it has been 1 year and I find that the services of Sahota’s Virtual Office are best and most reliable. They inform me immediately on receipt of any letter by providing the image of the letter. My clientage has doubled in one year and I trust it will increase threefold within next one year. This is achieved with the co-operation of Mr. Sahota and his team.

  9. Jawahar Lal Taneja

    Dear Sir,
    We want to have our registered office of the company shifted to Delhi. Please tell us how much time it will take after submitting the Payment and documents to you. We will take for 3 years period.

  10. Dear Sir,
    I am impressed by your services to look after registered office services of my one company. I am taking virtual office for my another company from 15th of the current month. Thank you so much, Sir.

  11. I am very pleased to know this Virtual Office, which provides documents within 1 working day. Perfect and reliable services with clarity in everything. Thank you Sahota sahib and his team.

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