Frequently Asked Questions

The short name of “Frequently Asked Questions” is FAQ. The public can ask any question. The authorities asks many such questions. We have consolidated the Frequently Asked Questions. All FAQ are answered by our CEO. You can more about the CEO at our About Us by a click here.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question-1: Can there be more than one registered office of Company in one room.

Answer-1: Yes. If all the companies can maintain their evidence of living in that office by receipt of mail and notices.

Question-2: What will be evidence of living in that office.

Answer-2: You must have rent agreement on payment of any amount and should have filed that address with the ROC in time.

Question-3: How can many company office personnel work in one office.

Answer-3: The Company itself do not work, their employee or representative works. If many companies authorize one person, that authorized person becomes eligible to work in the office.

Question-4: How can one person receive mail and notices on behalf of many companies legally.

Answer-4: Yes. One person can initial or sign as Authorized Representative with the rubber stamp of respective many companies at one office.

Question-5: How can you prove registered office of all these companies exist at your office.

Answer-5: Yes. By PAN and Certificate of Incorporation or RC (Registration Certificate)

Question-6: The question still arises how the work of so many companies will go on by having their one office.

Answer-6: It will go on by working from home or digitally or through agents like amazon by the owners of the company. It is not essential that only the owners have to work from their office.

Question-7: See, it is possible in case of persons living at one room or house when they are working in different offices but the company will legally prove it.

Answer-7: The proof of many persons working at different places but living in one house is the Aadhar Card and PAN. An individual is separate person from one another and living at same house.

Question-8: The individual can really do it because they are living persons. They have their birth certificate and can live till they die as residents. But how can the companies do it.

Answer-8: The companies also have their own birth Certificate of Incorporation or Registration Certificate and also their own PAN. So the company is also a resident. Company also pays taxes like individuals. Companies also die by dissolution like death of Individual. The Company is “artificial juridical person”. A company can sue and be sued.

Question-9: Is there any refund policy ? If we use the virtual office only for 6 months or do not require your facility after 6 month and want our balance amount to be returned to us, will you refund the amount like other companies do the refunds.

Answer-9: We do no have any such policy and do not intend to make any such policy even in future also.

Question-10: If we have paid for one year but changed the name of the company or replaced the name of a partner or a Director or Signatory. Will you accept the change or we have to take another suite for it ?

Answer-10: If only one particular is changed, we shall allow in exceptional circumstances in the same suite. It means, if the name of Signatory is changed, Name of Partner or Director is changed. We will also allow if the name of the Company or Partnership firm is changed legally. But just replacing other company is not acceptable to us.


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