How much does a Virtual Office cost

How much does a Virtual Office cost

All the Virtual Offices have specified different rates for different periods. We find that this Virtual Office gives the affordable and most competitive rates in Delhi.

You may choose any plan that suits your pocket , from the following plans below:-



You may remit the Advance Payment amount of chosen plan of Virtual Office in our bank account and send proof to For all the details Contact Us.

There are only 3 steps to start. These steps can be completed in 15 minutes. As soon as you complete 3 steps, you will get the virtual office. This means you are having a registered office of your company at this place.

How much does a Virtual Office cost

 As technology advances, virtual offices are becoming increasingly popular, especially with lean startups that operate flexibly. Many business owners simply don’t need a permanent space anymore, and with more companies embracing working from home and flexible hours, neither do their employees.

as well as a fixed business address and mail receipt, you only pay for the additional services you need, when you need them.  and virtual receptionist support is paid for on an as-needed basis, providing businesses with the utmost flexibility.

Many virtual office advantages are linked to the concept of credibility. Even if you operate your business online from your own home, having a physical business address that is separate from your residential one will make you appear more professional and help to build trust with potential customers put it this way: are you more likely to trust a business based in an obscure residential district of a city location with a reputation for business excellence Benefits of A Virtual Office for Small Business

A virtual office address helps you to establish a great first impression and the services available enable you to build a good reputation. Having meeting room usage as part of your plan will provide you with a professional place in which to meet clients and other stakeholders.

This beats having to rely on public spaces and busy coffee shops

Conferencing technology is available to use in many of these conference spaces, enabling you to give presentations and connect with people remotely.

A virtual office will also make you appear more credible in the eyes of credit agencies, for example. Establishing business credit is a crucial step for most startups, and it’s much easier if you have a separate business address.

Having a business address at a commercial virtual office location will enable you to register with business directories. Business credit agencies source information from these directories when assessing your application for credit, making it easier for you to be accepted.

Virtual Offices Benefit Your Bank Balance Too

Virtual offices benefit bank balances too. As mentioned previously, they are inexpensive compared with traditional ones because you only pay for the services and facilities you need. This enables you to channel the money you would otherwise have spent on an office into other areas of the business.

Another benefit links to both credibility and revenue.

Virtual offices are well suited to small businesses that want to utilize a Virtual Receptionist. A Virtual Receptionist is trained to answer phone calls and capture leads on your business’ behalf in a professional, sensitive, and on brand’ manner.

Many startups and small businesses simply don’t have the personnel to deal with everything involved in running a business as effectively as they’d perhaps like to. In using a Virtual Receptionist, you’re helping to ensure that no inquiry — or potential customer — goes unanswered, making it easier to win new business and increase ROI.

Again, the nature of a virtual office is such that you can decide how many hours of Virtual Receptionist support you need from month to month as your business’ needs fluctuate.

Similarly, adding hot desk hours to your virtual plan can encourage productivity which in turn could have a positive effect on revenue. Many people feel comfortable working from home, but some find that a change of scene every now and again can be helpful for motivation.

Office space is typically the second biggest cost for businesses, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The relatively low cost of a virtual office is well worth it when you consider the potential monetary (and credibility) gains you’ll receive. Whether you opt for a basic plan or decide to invest in all the additional perks, this flexible office solution is designed to fit seamlessly with your business’s evolving needs and requirements.    

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Virtual Office

The appeal of a virtual office to users is twofold. First, the monthly cost of a virtual office is far less than that of a traditional office. After all, it has none of the maintenance and upkeep costs, nor does it need to be staffed. A virtual office can also be secured via a month-to-month lease, so there is greater flexibility if a user’s business changes (no waiting for a lease to expire or incurring the cost of a broken lease).

Costs for using a virtual office can run as low as $50 for a membership fee and $250 per month or more for a month-to-month lease for basic services. The more services that are added on, the more expensive it will be.

Second, a virtual office can provide a mailing address, telephone answering, and videoconferencing services. Therefore, a small business can appear larger than it is. It also can provide a physical address (or multiple addresses) for users to meet clients. Sometimes, the address can lend an aura of prestige to a virtual office user, such as if the address is a well-known location or street. A professional phone answering service can have the same effect.

Some of the services that a virtual office arrangement offers require pre-planning to utilize. For example, many packages come with limited use of conference rooms or limited teleconferencing and videoconferencing services. Virtual offices also may have restricted access on nights and weekends. Users may find the lack of flexibility limiting and inconvenient. There is also the potential for distractions that come with working from home and therefore some workers might not be as productive when operating in a virtual office environment


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