Virtual Office for GST

The “Virtual Office for GST” instantly provides rent agreement on Stamp Paper, NOC & Electricity Bill, Suite Number, Mail Handling & Forwarding. Signage of Registered Office will have separate Suite Number for every Firm/Company. The Virtual Office is located at 3rd floor in the below mentioned building. Click here to know more About Us.

Virtual Office in Delhi building
Virtual Office in Delhi

Virtual Office Address

The address of Virtual Office is “Shop No. 308, Plot No.2, Sector-5 Aggarwal Tower MLU Plaza, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075″. Open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays – Closed.

Signboard at entrance door of virtual office in Delhi
Signboard at entrance door of virtual office

First Step – by Tenant

Our best budget plan is of 1 year in Rs.11,000/- (364 days).

So, you are to pay Rs.11,600/- [11000 + 300 + 300] because the tenant need to give Stamp Paper of 2% of annual rent value Or pay Rs.300/- and the tenant is also to provide their company’s rubber stamp Or Rs.300/-. We have various budgetary plans ranging from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.30,000/- and period ranges from One month to Five years. The tenant may choose any budget plan from these by a Click Here .

Second Step – by Tenant

Pay the budget amount in our Paytm 9810065447 Or UPI 9810065447@ICICI Or Saving Bank A/C No. 025001009601 of RS SAHOTA HUF, IFSC Code: ICIC0000250 in ICICI Bank, Dwarka Sector-5, New Delhi-110075.

Third Step – by Tenant

Send following in .pdf format by email:

  1.  The prescribed Application Form duly filled (printed), affixed with photo and rubber stamp along with signature of the Signatory of your firm (Proprietor/Partner/Director). Click to download Application Form.
  2. The Registration Certificate of your firm or name availability certificate from MCA or Certificate of Incorporation from MCA and PAN of your Company.
  3. The PAN, Aadhaar Card (both sides) and Photo of all the Directors/Partners/Proprietor

The Virtual Office will provide in 1 day

(1) Issue of documents

The owner of the premises/CEO will instantly send digitally signed .pdf documents to you, by email.

(i) Rent Agreement with your Firm/Company name on the Stamp Paper.

(ii) No Objection Certificate (NOC) from legal owner of premises to the Firm/Company.

(iii) latest Electricity Bill Pay Pay by xx-xx-2020 – Digitally Signed of the premises as a proof of ownership of the premises indicating your company as tenant.

(2) Signage of your Registered Office

The “Virtual Office for GST” will place your company signage by including your company particulars in the list of  Registered Offices placed on the entrance door of the shop. The signage includes Suite Number, the Name of the Company, the Email address, the Name of Signatory with Mobile number, the date of start of the Rent Agreement and date on which the agreements will expire. The photograph of “Signage” at the entrance door is as below:-

Registered Offices
Registered Offices

In case you need to place a bigger signage of your company at the door of the office, you will need to have a Table Space for the period you need the bigger signage. You can see the facility by a visit to the Virtual Office during office hours.

Outer door of Shop No.308

(3) Mail receiving and forwarding

The “Virtual Office for GST” will start receiving courier/speed post and notices on behalf of your Company by affixing your stamp and signature of “Authorized Representative”.  We will mark Suite No. and date of receipt on your letter and send its image to you by email. (i) You may collect your mail from Virtual Office during office hours. OR (ii) The Virtual Office will re-post your mail to your address at Cost + Service Charges. OR (iii) The Virtual Office will open your mail and send the scanned copy to you at Cost + Service Charges. The Service Charges are Rs.200/- per letter.

(4) Give hourly sitting space

The “Virtual Office for GST” will start giving you desk space one or two tables. We provide you one Table, one Chair, broad band internet connection, charging points for your laptop and also for your mobile. You will be able to comfortably work on your files and on your laptop. The standard rate per 1 table space is Rs.100/- per hour. If you need to hold a meeting you will need to book 2 tables. If you wish to conduct a conference for an hour or full day, the charges shall be Rs.600/- per hour. Beyond the working hours/days the rate shall be double. View of  Table Spaces and Cabin is as below:-

Table Space and Cabin
Table Space and Cabin

(5) Give monthly sitting space

We provide one Table Space for every company @Rs.2,000/- per month inclusive of power plug, wi-fi and charging point. We do not provide tea or coffee etc. at the office. In case you wish to keep your Desktop or Printer in Virtual Office space. You will need to take one table space for Desktop and one table space for printer. The rate of Table Space for keeping Desktop or Printer shall be Rs.3,000/- p.m.

The company having monthly Table Space is allowed to affix one Name tally 10″ x 2″ size at the Table & Door of the office. Logo etc. to be within the size only. Other size are not be permitted.

Table Space name tally

(6) Help to procure Printing & Stationery for you

The “Virtual Office for GST” will also help you to procure printing of letter heads, bills, receipts, vouchers, pamphlets and rubber stamps, student ID Card, corporate employee ID Card etc. You may reach our vendor for such services immediately by a Click here. You are advised to use the Registered Office address as follows



Suite No.01, Shop No.308, Plot No.2, Sector-5

Aggarwal Tower MLU Plaza, Dwarka,

New Delhi- 110075






(7) Web-Site & digital marketing

The “Virtual Office for GST” will provide you free sub-domain, web-space, installation & setting-up of web-site. You will have your presence on Google for marketing of your product or services. The rate of our services is the lowest in the market. You may Click Here to know more.

(8) Tenant action on expiry of rent agreement

(a) The tenant may choose the budget for the next period from our web site as a First Step. (b) You are to make the payment of budget chosen by you as per Second Step. (c) You are also required to send any other registration made with any other department of Govt., as Third Step. (d) On receipt of all these; Virtual Office will send you a Rent Agreement on your email. (e) We shall incessantly perform the Fourth Step. You are required to sign the Rent Agreement and send back to us by email for our records.

(9) What will happen if you do not pay for next period

On the last day of expiry of present rent agreement (i) We will remove your Signage from the front door of the Office. (ii) We will stop receiving your mail and notices. (iii) We will stop providing you Table space. (iv) Your name shall be removed from the list of registered offices. (v) Your all the material lying with us, shall be destroyed. (vi) Your company name shall be transferred to the list of past clients.

(10) Present rent agreement cannot be extended / renewed

Present rent agreement is for a period written in the rent agreement. It is normally up to one year. So this stamp paper is valid for rent agreement for a period of one year only. In fact rent agreement for more than one year have to be registered with the registrar of agreements. We therefore give you a Rent Agreement for 364 days or less number of days.

Please note that Section 17(1)(d) of the Registration Act, 1908, says that “lease of immovable property from year to year or for any term exceeding one year or reserving a yearly rent” are required to be registered.

(11) Legal position on Registered Office of a Company

All companies have to maintain their registered office in commercial premises. This requirement has to be fulfilled  till their company is dissolved. As per Section 7(4) of the Companies Act, 2013 “The company shall maintain and preserve at its registered office, copies of all documents and information as originally filed under sub-section (1) till its dissolution under this Act. In addition to it as per Section 12(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 “A company shall (within 30 days of its incorporation) and all times thereafter, have a registered office capable of receiving & acknowledging all communications and notices as may be addressed to it.” It means, the company should never be without a registered office address and facility to received mail & notices etc. Therefore, it is our free advise that you should never give a chance to the Registrar of Companies to take actions for non-compliance (for not having registered office)

(12) Actions taken by ROC for non-compliance

The Registrar of Companies takes action as per following sections on the Company as well as the Directors for not maintaining registered office.

(i) Section 12(9) – Fine of Rs.1,000/- per day (Max. One Lakh) on Company as well as on all Directors.

(ii) Section 447– punishment for fraud.

(iii) Section 448– punishment for false statement

(iv) Section 449– punishment for false evidence.

It is advised that the Tenant Company should take a Table Space and put a Name Tally on the door & table space, in case of you feel that some one may visit your registered office for inspection from ROC or GST or any other authority.

(13) Taking photographs of Director at Registered Office

The “Virtual Office for GST” will help you get photograph of Director inside/outside  the office. We will also help you to file INC-22A “i.e. Active and Compliant Company” return with the Registrar of Companies. We charge Rs.200/- per hour per company to book the time in advance for display of name of Company, taking Google position of the Registered Office & Clicking of photographs. You need to bring your display or tell us to provide it on simple Legal size paper (free of cost)

(14) Frequently Asked Questions

The “Virtual Office for GST” has tried to answer to your every question in this web site. However, if you still have any query, you are welcome to ask us. We assure you to proper legal reply and reward you if your question is very useful to the Virtual Office industry. We prefer e-mails only. You may Click Here to read frequently asked questions.

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